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AWS Security Fundamentals - RED/Blue Perspective

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Cloud computing and serverless architecture have revolutionized the tech industry, making it easier for businesses to deploy cost-effective and scalable solutions while minimizing development and maintenance overhead. With this new landscape comes a unique set of security-related challenges. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of cloud security theory and practice, focusing on AWS. We will begin with an overview of the cloud security landscape and AWS security basics such as AWS permission management. We will then segue into primers on proactive AWS security testing (offense), before concluding the course with the basic fundamentals of AWS incident detection and response (defense).

This course can be completed entirely within the student’s web

Author: Gabriel Ryan @s0lst1c3

Release Date: July 4th, 2023

Prerequisites: Fundamental understanding of computers & networks. 

High-Level Outline - Subject to change

Section 1 – Introduction to the AWS Cloud Security
Module 1.A – AWS Overview
Module 1.B – Common AWS Services
Module 1.C – Notable Cloud Security Incidents

Section 2 – AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 
Module 2.A – Introduction to IAM
Module 2.B – Policy types
Module 2.C – Actions
Module 2.D – Access Levels
Module 2.E – Using Policy Sentry
Module 2.F – Policy Sentry Lab

Section 3 – Introduction to AWS Pentesting
Module 3.A – Introduction to IAM Permissions Analysis
Module 3.B – Using AWS Access Analyzer
Module 3.C – PACU Framework
Module 3.D – Cloudsplaining
Module 3.E – Automated IAM Analysis Lab

Section 4 – AWS Incident Detection and Response Basics
& Introduction to CloudTrail
Module 4.A – Overview
Module 4.B – Event structure
Module 4.C – Organization Level Analysis
Module 4.D – Event Retrieval
Module 4.E – CloudTrail Auditing Lab - Alerting and Notifications with CloudWatch
Module 4.F – What is CloudWatch?
Module 4.G – Creating CloudWatch Alarms for CloudTrail Events
Module 4.H – Automated Notifications with SNS
Module 4.I – CloudTrail / CloudWatch Combined Lab

Section 5 – Conclusion
Module 5.A – Putting it all together
Module 5.B – Conclusion

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