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WiFi Training

Cisco 9800 Rockstar

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Every time we send our student's survey's you all want to know more about the new Cisco 9800 controllers, well here we go. Cisco 9800 Rockstar is the first of a new SERIES of courses around Cisco's new 9800 series Wireless LAN Controllers, and of course the 9K Access points, and all the great tech that comes along with it such as Deployment options, HA, ISE, DNAC, MDM, WebAuth, Flex, Bridging and more. 

There are so many NEW things to cover, we have decided to do this course in a series beginning with Cisco 9800 Rockstar, which covers all of the critical things engineers should know to deploy new Cisco 9800 series controllers, including design, deployment, upgrades, and various migrations to a Cisco 9K Wireless architecture. 

Cisco 9800 Rockstar High-Level Outline

  • What's new with Cisco 9800's
  • Cisco 9K Product Line Review
  • 9800 Platform Architecture & Internals
  • Exploring Deployment Options & Scenarios
  • Exploring Profiles & TAG’s
  • AP Support & Features
  • High Availability
  • Upgrayedd Options
  • Migrating from AireOS to IOS-XE
  • Customizing RF Profiles
  • Roaming & Mobility
  • Optimizing User Experiences
  • Enhancing Security

We show more than a dozen hand's labs in this course using real Cisco 9K hardware, and software on the latest code. We do scenario-based labs providing students with a blueprint to follow during their deployments. We recommend building a home lab using Cisco 9800_CL's to gain hand's on experience from the supporting files we provide students without major hardware investments. 

This course is led by Chris Avants @RockstarWiFi (CCIE/CWNE), and includes almost 10hrs of HD content. 

NEW - Cisco 9800 Series of courses from WiFi Training

  • Cisco 9800 Rockstar (This Course)  LIVE NOW!
  • Cisco 9800 Rockstar - Advanced Security LIVE NOW!
  • Cisco 9800 Rockstar - Remote Office (FLEX / VMWARE / EWC) - Est 1/20/22

Course Status: Live NOW

If your firm is about to deploy Cisco 9800 series controllers and you want to know them inside and out, this is your course! 

Skills gained

  • Understand the new 9K Wireless Portfolio
  • Identify Cisco 9800 platform options including Hardware, EWC, ENCS, and Public / Private Cloud
  • Identify Cisco 9100 Access Point features, benefits, and select the right AP for the mission.
  • Design an Enterprise Wireless LAN powered by Cisco 9K WLC"s and APs
  • Design enterprise profiles & tag's to support business requirements
  • Deploy High Availability for Cisco 9K controllers
  • Configure AP HA options for Geo-Redundancy
  • Migrate to a Cisco 9800 Architecture from AireSpace controllers
  • Automate provisioning of migrated / new APs on Cisco 9800 controllers (DNAC not required)
  • Identify Best practices for supporting Legacy APs
  • Configure WLAN's to meet stakeholder requirements
  • Customize RF Profiles to ensure a good user experience
  • Deploy services to ensure a good user experience


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