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Cyber Security Awareness Training

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Cyber Security Awareness Training includes several lessons requested by our Enterprise clients as a program to help all employees at all levels understand cyber security threats and security best practices for both their corporate devices as well as their personal devices at home. 

"Cyber security awareness training is more helpful in keeping your company secure and threat's mitigated than any one vendor tool on the market such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, or other security services."

"Untrained employees are every company's weakest link." 

We believe should be this course should be part of mandatory training during the new hire process, and employee onboarding.  Some companies may want this course included during vendor onboarding (for contractors) who have not had Cyber Security Awareness Training previously as part of a comprehensive threat mitigation program. We recommend companies include company-specific security training, along with resources to keep data secure through company-trusted applications, and protocols. 

High-Level Outline

  • Your Mission
  • Threat Landscape
  • Encryption Basics
  • Identity Basics
  • What is Trust
  • Security Threats
  • Mitigating Threats
  • Personal Device Best Practices

This course includes several example labs to help reinforce the theory and gives students step-by-step lessons to follow designed to help secure their own personal devices and become more secure computer operators in general. 

By completing this course students will learn

  • Important Terminology related to cyber security
  • Ability to identify risks, threats, and common vulnerabilities
  • Understand Data Encryption & Applications which provide encryption
  • Understand Identity Basics, Password Risks, Best Practices, and the importance of MFA/2FA
  • Understand Trust, Trust Boundaries, and verify Trust
  • Identify common security threats/ threat vectors/threat actors
  • What to do when compromised.**
  • When & How to Report Incidents***
  • Learn computer security best practices (Company Devices)
  • Learn Personal Security best practices (Personal/Devices)
  • See real-world examples of various hacks, attacks, phishing, smishing
  • Verify file integrity, inspect files & media for threats
  • Securely Share files with personal devices
  • Understand VPN and Remote Access
  • Personal Computer Security Hygiene