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Metasploit Lessons

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Metasploit is an incredibly handy penetration testing framework that simplifies the process of ethical hacking. It's a tool that holds immense value for both attackers and defenders in the field of cybersecurity. With Metasploit, you can easily identify, exploit, and validate vulnerabilities within systems, utilizing either pre-built or customized code. Additionally, it serves as a robust development platform, supporting multiple programming languages, and empowering you to create your own security tools and exploits tailored to your specific needs. It's a versatile resource that enhances your capabilities and strengthens your cybersecurity defenses.

Throught this course you will learn how to use Metasploit to discover, exploit, and confirm vulnerabilities in systems using pre-made code. You'll get hands-on experience with various tools and components like modules, consoles, sessions, and plugins, gaining a solid grasp of how to make the most of Metasploit's power. So buckle up and get ready to become a pro at vulnerability assessment and exploit development with one of the top frameworks in the industry. Let's dive in!

Instructor/Author: Aidar Khairullin @AidarKhairullin

Status: Live Access now

High-Level Design

  • Introductions
  • Lab Setup
  • MSFConsole Overview
  • Modules Overview
  • Modules Search
  • Metasploitable
  • Armitage
  • Discovering Targets
  • MSF PortScan
  • Version Scanning
  • Enumeration
  • BruteForce Attack
  • Fuzzing
  • Exploits Overview
  • Exploitation - 1,2,3
  • Payloads - 1,2
  • Meterpreter - 1,2,3

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Disclaimer - The skills and techniques shown in our courses are for ethical / authorized use only. We do not condone any unauthorized or illegal hacking whatsoever.