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WiFi Training

Rockstar QoS for WLAN Professionals

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Are you ready to become a packet *** master? Far too many engineers learn "just enough" about their trade and get a little scared when they hear topics like QoS. Our students, on the other hand, get "excited" when we hear these topics because we know it's a unique skill that helps set us apart and allow us to literally shape the performance of an enterprise's network. Like our principal instructor, Chris Avants @RockstarWiFi always says, "everything is easy when you know how", and with expert instructor Raskia Nayanajith @mrncciew leading the way with topics like Quality of Service (QoS), you are sure to set yourself and your company apart.  

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Author: Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew

Course Length: Over 9hrs!!


Course High-Level Outline

Module 1 - Introduction to QoS
L0.0 - Course-Intro
L1.0- Before You Begin
L1.1 - Introduction to QoS
L1.2 - Voice Traffic Analysis
L1.3 - Video Traffic Analysis

Module 2 - Wired QoS
L2.1 - Wired QoS Basics
L2.2 - Wired QoS Demo

Module 3 - Wireless QoS
L3.1 - WiFi QoS Basics
L3.2 - QoS with WLC
L3.3 - QoS with CAPWAP
L3.4- Application Visibility

Module 4 - 9800 QoS
L4.0- 9800 QoS Features
L4.1 - 9800 Metal QoS
L4.2 - 9800-Local-NoQoS
L4.3 - 9800-Local-QoS
L4.4 - 9800-AutoQoS
L4.5 - 9800-Custom QoS
L4.6 - 9800-1XQoS
L4.7 - 9800 Flex QoS

Module 5 - AireOS QoS
L5.0-AireOS QoS Features
L5.3-AireOS-FlexConnect QoS
L5.4-AireOS-Metal QoS

Module 6 - Wireless QoS Best Practice
L6.0-QoS with Cisco DNAC
L6.1-QoS Deployment Considerations

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Note - preorder courses, are still in active development. the final outline is subject to change by the author. 

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About Active Expert / WiFi Training

Active Expert / WiFi Training is a global provider of IT Training, Development, and consulting services. We provide Instructor-Led, Authorized Training from companies like Cisco Systems, CWNP, EC-Council and offer amazing original Instructor-Led and Digital courses, workbooks, and practice exams to help set our students apart.  #WirelessWorkbooks, Digital Courses, Micro Courses, and Professional Practice Exams are part of our on-demand digital learning product line and available at