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WiFi Training

WiFi6E Lessons

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At it again, Expert instructor/author Rasika Nayanajith is creating an all-new course on the critical details you should know about this exciting new Wi-Fi PHY amendment WiFi6E. When many people think of 6E they think of a lot of new 6GHz spectrum, but what are the real-world implications of this spectrum, implementing it for your organization, what are the device requirements, and how can you ensure a great end-user experience? Find out in this new exclusive course from WiFi Training. 

Instructor: Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew

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Format: On-Demand Digital Learning

WiFi6E Lessons High-Level Outline*

  • Module 1 : 6 GHz Overview
  • Module 2 : 802.11ax Overview
  • Module 3: Wi-Fi 6E Operation
  • Module 4 : 6 GHz AP Discovery
  • Module 5 : 6GHz Design Consideration

HLDs may change and will post updates as received from the instructor/author.

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