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WiFi Training

Wireless Workbook for Cisco 9800

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Many of you have been asking for a hands-on focused resource to learn more about Cisco 9800's, well here it is! The Wireless Workbook for Cisco 9800 is a new lab-focused workbook from WiFi Training, by principal instructor Chris Avants @RockstarWiFi. 

This workbook takes students through controller deployment from beginning to end, including best practices and various features to meet client demands. This workbook is designed to practice these skills in our lab, or via self-study using C9800-CL controllers which have feature parity with all 9800 platforms. Note - Students must obtain their own licensing if using self-study options. 

If you are ready to step up, gain competency with Cisco 9800's, and practice the skills to set you apart, this workbook is for you. 

Status: Pre-Order Availible Feb 2022

FORMAT - This workbook is delivered digitally only, and is readable with any PDF reader utility. Each workbook is licensed to each user, is non-transferable once assigned.