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Cisco EWC Lessons

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As a follow-up to Cisco 9800 Lessons, we are pleased to announce Cisco EWC Lessons a new training course from Wi-Fi Training. Cisco recently changed a lot around their Wireless product lines with the introduction of the 9K series of WLAN controllers, APs, and switches. This new product line is powered by a new IOS, called IOS-XE, which has been completely re-written from the ground up and is now powering Wireless Networks for some of the world’s largest companies.

Another new release from the product line is the ability for a 9K Access Point to serve as a WLAN Controller in addition to its role as an access point. Cisco calls this Embedded Wireless Controllers or EWC. These solutions are perfect for smaller offices, offering amazing controller functionality for remote offices, smaller companies, and the enterprise branch.


As with all new technologies, engineers need the skills to properly plan and deploy Cisco WLAN Solutions based on the Embedded Wireless Controller. Join instructor Kevin Franzen  for the course of another 9K lesson, this time focusing on EWC

Learn on-demand with WiFi Training / Active Expert

Digital Courses from Wi-Fi Training are designed to provide learners very valuable and detailed information on a topic, concept or product in an accelerated format.  Due to their accelerated learning style, and each lesson being an avg of 20 minutes concepts are easy to digest and come back to if ever needed.

There is NO filler content in either Digital Courses or our new Micro Course product line, only relevant detailed material designed to help you gain/refresh skills to set yourself apart.

Active Expert / WIFi Training has digital courses for all skill levels on a range of products, skills, and topics from several vendors and dozens of technologies. Each digital course around “Technical Skills” are written and Recorded by only well-known Expert Instructors. We know every video course vendor says their instructors are experts, but when we say it we mean it. Before instructors can teach with Active Expert, they have to be not only certified at the expert level but prove over a decade of real-world field experience working with that technology.

About Active Expert / WiFi Training

Active Expert / WiFi Training is a global provider of IT Training, Development, and consulting services. We provide Instructor-Led, Authorized Training from companies like Cisco Systems, CWNP, EC-Council and offer amazing original Instructor-Led and Digital courses, workbooks, and practice exams to help set our students apart.  #WirelessWorkbooks, Digital Courses, Micro Courses, and Professional Practice Exams are part of our on-demand digital learning product line and available at

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