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WiFi Training

Computing 101

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Computing 101 is a new micro course from WiFi Training designed to help students who are new to IT learn about the building blocks of modern personal computers. This course is one you can give to any skill level to have them understand what's going on inside the box by your desk. Sometimes we assume people have a certain skillset just because we believe something is easy after all everything is easy when you know-how. This 1hr micro-course is easy to digest for anyone and will help them understand more about what type of computer they should get, more about accessories and peripherals, students will be able to identify upgradeable components to computers and understand some common PC security best practices all users should know. 

In this course you will learn

  • What’s in a Computer
  • Key components Hardware / Software
  • Understand data transfer/barriers to performance
  • Identify your PC’s capabilities
  • Common Peripherals
  • Personal Computer Best Practices

Target Audience: Students exploring Computing or IT of all ages and backgrounds. Working Professionals exploring moving career paths to Computer-related fields and IS/IT. Parents, relatives, friends of IT professionals looking to become more self-sufficient with their computers.

About Micro Courses from Active Expert / Wi-Fi Training

Micro Course from WiFi Training are designed to provide learners very valuable and detailed information on a topic, concept or product in no more than 120minutes, with many Micro Courses coming in at under an hour. Due to their accelerated learning style, and each lesson being an avg of 20 minutes concepts are easy to digest and come back to if ever needed.

There is NO filler content in Micro Courses, only relevant detailed material designed to help you gain skills to set yourself apart.

Active Expert / WIFi Training has Micro Courses for all skill levels on a range of products, skills, and topics from several vendors. Each Micro Course around “Technical Skills” are written and Recorded by only well-known Expert Instructors.

About Active Expert / WiFi Training

Active Expert / WiFi Training is a global provider of IT Training, Development, and consulting services. We provide Instructor-Led, Authorized Training from companies like Cisco Systems, CWNP, EC-Council, and offer original content as well. Micro courses are part of our on-demand digital learning product line and available at