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WiFi Training

DHCP Lessons

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DHCP Lessons

Welcome to DHCP Lessons a new Micro Course from WiFi Training focusing on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.  

This is not your average quick lesson on DHCP, this Micro Course goes in-depth covering standards, options to secure DHCP in Enterprise Environments, several ways to deploy DHCP and their considerations and much more.

  • Learn in-depth DHCP Architectures
  • Analyze DHCP Packets
  • Architecture Roles
  • Design Considerations
  • Security Considerations
  • HA Considerations
  • Common Deployment Strategies
  • Configure Options
  • Several Lab Examples Covering
    • Deploying Windows DHCP Services
    • Centralizing DHCP Pools
    • Configuring Custom Options and Classes
    • Analyzing DHCP Packets
    • Deploying 3rd Party DHCP Servers
    • Attacking DHCP Services

About Micro Courses from Active Expert / Wi-Fi Training

Micro Courses from WiFi Training are designed to provide learners very valuable and detailed information on a topic, concept or product in no more than 120minutes, with many Micro Courses coming in at under an hour. Due to their accelerated learning style, and each lesson being an avg of 20 minutes concepts are easy to digest and come back to if ever needed.

There is NO filler content in Micro Courses, only relevant detailed material designed to help you gain skills to set yourself apart.

Active Expert / WIFi Training has Micro Courses for all skill levels on a range of products, skills, and topics from several vendors. Each Micro Course around “Technical Skills” are written and Recorded by only well-known Expert Instructors.

This video-on-demand course is available instantly after purchase via the student LMS. Access details are e-mailed automatically. 


About Active Expert / WiFi Training

Active Expert / WiFi Training is a global provider of IT Training, Development, and consulting services. We provide Instructor-Led, Authorized Training from companies like Cisco Systems, CWNP, EC-Council, and offer original content as well. Micro courses are part of our on-demand digital learning product line and available at