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WiFi Training

Introducing Network Automation with pyATS

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Introducing Network Automation with PyATS is a new course from WiFi Training designed to get students started using python, with Cisco's PyATS library. 

This micro-course is designed for students to learn how to use the PyATS framework & libraries to automate various networking tasks. Students can expect to be introduced to VS Code IDE, Git Version & Source Control, GitHub, Python, PyATS, YAML, JSON, and more. Written by Aidar Khairullin creator of our Python for Network Engineers, and Regex Lessons courses, this course provides students the foundation they need to get started using these fantastic tools for network automation. Aidar notes, that although Cisco created PyATS, it can be used with any vendor. 

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Proposed Outline

  • Introduction to the toolkit
    • VS Code, VS Code Extensions
    • Git
    • Windows Subsystems for Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Python
    • Virtual environments
    • pyATS framework and libraries (formerly known as Genie)
  • Getting Started – Installing the tools
  • Testbeds
  • The CLI
  • Learn Features
  • Parse Commands
  • Issue Commands
  • Device Configuration
  • Differentials
  • Testing
  • xPresso
  • Summary

    This course is included in our All Access pass subscriptions for IT Teams and Individuals.