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WiFi Training

NETFLOW & AVC Rockstar

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Modern Enterprises must know what's going on with their network, which applications are running on their network, and be able to quickly identify how those applications are running. Fortunately, we have a few telemetry protocols that can help with this including NETFLOW & AVC. This course has turned out to be the most in-depth training on #NETFLOW & #AVC we could find anywhere. 

This is part of our brand-new mastery series, and part of the required learning of Cisco ENWLSI ("Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1program"), for students wanting to earn CCNP Enterprise Wireless certification.  This course also covers the new Cisco 9K product line including Cisco 9800 Wireless platform and the extensive NETFLOW and AVC capabilities.

CCIE x 2 / CWNE, Expert Instructor / Author Rasika Nayanajith takes students on a journey through NETFLOW and AVC features, lifecycle considerations, and best practices to ensure students and their companies have excellent network visibility. 

Course Status: In development, estimated Feb 20th, 2023

Instructor: Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew

Course High-Level Design:

Module 1 - Flow Monitoring Basics
Module 2 - Netflow & AVC Overview
Module 3 - 9800 Netflow
Module 4 - AireOS Netflow
Module 5 - Wireless Netflow with ExtraHop
Module 6 - Deployment Considerations

This course is included in the ALL Access Pass!