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WiFi Training

Rockstar Wireless Analysis

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Another exciting announcement here with Rockstar WLAN Analysis, led by Expert Instructor / Author Rasika Nayanajith. Rasika is hell-bent on making this the absolute best Wireless Capture / Analysis course on the planet, it's safe to say this guy doesn't ever let us down. Literally a Zero to Hero Course for WiFi!

Deep-dive into Wi-Fi Frame Exchanges and explore the packet capture process using a variety of tools techniques, and of course methods to help you reach the data that "never lies".  Rasika explores the most popular tools for packet capture including Open Source and Pro-Tools such as Ekahau Sidekick, Savvius OmniPeek, AirCheck G2, MetGeek Eye P.A., Access-Points, C9800 Controllers, and even capturing WiFi6. 

We go much deeper than a tool here students will walk away a better WLAN Engineer period!

Course Status: LIVE in the LMS. Order and access instantly.

Author: Rasika Nayananjith aka @mrncciew

High-Level Outline

Module 1 : Capturing WiFi
L1.0 – PCAP Basics
L1.1 – Capture with Mac
L1.2 – Capture with Linux
L1.3 – Capture with Sniffer mode AP
L1.4 – Capture with Omnipeek
L1.5 – Capture with Cisco DNAC
L1.6 – Other capture tools
L1.7 – Wireshark Basics

Module 2 : WiFi MAC Analysis
L2.0 – WiFi Operation
L2.1 – MAC Header
L2.2 – Management Frames
L2.3 – Control Frames
L2.4 – Data Frames
L2.5 – Frame Aggregation
L2.6 – HT Operation
L2.7 – VHT Operation
L2.8 – HE Operation

Module 3 : WiFi Security Analysis
L3.0 – WiFi Security Overview
L3.1 – 4way Handshake
L3.2 – WPA2-Peronsal
L3.3 – WPA2-Enterrpise
L3.4 – WPA3-Personal
L3.5 – WPA3-Enterprise
L3.6 – Enhanced Open

Module 4 : WiFi Roaming Analysis
L4.0 – Roaming Overview
L4.1 – Key Caching
L4.2 – Fast BSS Transition – Intro
L4.3 – FT over-the-Air
L4.4 - FT over-the-DS
L4.5 – Roaming with 802.11k
L4.6 – Roaming with 802.11v

Module 5 : WiFi QoS Analysis
L5.0 – QoS Overview
L5.1 – CSMA/CA
L5.2 – EDCA
L5.3 – QoS Mapping

Module 6 : WiFi PHY Analysis
L6.1 – PHY Intro
L6.3 – HT PHY
L6.4 – VHT PHY
L6.5 – HE PHY

This course is included in the All Access Pass!