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WiFi Training

Wireshark Lessons for WLAN Pros

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You requested it, we are building it! Wireshark Lessons for WLAN Pros is a new course from WiFi Training expert Instructor Rasika  Nayanajith @mrncciew designed to teach students essential skills around packet capture and protocol analysis focused on the skills needed as a WLAN Professional. 

The course will take you through critical skills to collect, analyze, and filter traffic with the number 1 open source capture tool available WireShark. In addition, will look at alternative capture sources such as using WLAN controllers, APs, and 3rd party tools. Students will walk away with the skills to perform various packet captures, and the skills to analyze the data crucial for troubleshooting modern enterprise WLANs. 

Course Status: Pre-Order Available May 2024 - We have changed authors and this course has been delayed until May 2024. 

Course Outline:

Wireshark 101
- What's Wireshark
- Use Cases
- Supported Platforms
- Physical vs Virtual Machines
Installing Wireshark
- macOS
- Windows
- Adapter Setup
WLAN Capture
- Adapter vs AP Capabilities
- Importing Coloring Rules
- Filter Basics
- WLAN Filters
- Creating Columns
- Analyzing Top Talkers
- Notes about capturing Roaming
- Using controllers & APs can also do an excellent packet capture and export to .pcap
Wireshark Labs (Several)
Several hands-on labs are included in this course to ensure students have a working environment, and active hands-on knowledge of essential protocol analysis skills focused on WLAN Pros. 

This course is included in our All Access Pass products!