Team Licensing

WiFi Training is proud to announce new team license options for our digital product library. Now you can purchase a company license based on the number of team members who need access to our digital library and gain unlimited access to current and future digital products, including:) 

What's so special about this offering? 

Technical teams and departments of all shapes and sizes require regular and reoccurring training to ensure their teams stay ahead of an ever changing technical space & threat landscape. 

Often times existing courses may not fit exactly what your team requires to complete that next project. Our courses are developed based off our students request. Along with traditional regular length courses, our Micro Courses offer the fastest way to gain a new knowledge on a product, technology, service, protocol, or skill. Micro courses are laser focused on the subject matter and are designed to be completed in just 1 day.  

Team licenses are perfect for IT Departments, Technical Teams, and IT Services firms who work with Enterprise Networking, Security, and of course Wireless. We are currently keeping at least 20 new titles in active development at all times. Each time a new Digital Course, Micro Course, or Practice Exam is released it will be added to the company account automatically and available for everyone on the team.