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WiFi Training

Cisco 9800 Lessons

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Are you looking at rolling out the Cisco 9800s soon? Maybe you have them ordered and heard from the great vine there are big changes with the new platform? Maybe you just want to keep current with the latest Cisco Wireless technologies. Maybe you just love keeping your skills sharp and staying ahead of the pack with new courses from WiFi Training. Whatever the case, there are SUBSTANTIAL differences between the way you built Enterprise WLANs before, and the way you will build them moving forward on the C9800 product line.

This course provides IT professionals with the essential knowledge to migrate to Cisco 9800 Controllers. 

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The Cisco 9800 Lessons course from WiFi Training is a new digital course designed to help students learn what's new with Cisco's flagship Wireless Controller product line the 9800s. The course is designed for IT professionals with at least an associate-level knowledge of Wi-Fi operation to gain critical skills on Cisco 9800 series controllers.

Almost all Cisco Wireless technicians and professionals have spent their career working with AireOS based WLAN controllers and even as new technologies and PHY's roll out configuring WLAN's for the enterprise has been performed largely the same way for more than a decade. The 9800 series product line is now all  IOS-XE based with a new GUI, new methods for creating and deploying WLANs that may be foreign to a lot of  WLAN Pros. Students can take this course to spin up quickly on the C9800's and learn critical skills like learning the new GUI, creating WLANs, Policies, and Tags for proper traffic flow, perform software upgrades,  configure high availability, and enable enterprise WLAN security features and segmentation.

Instructor Kevin Franzen @WiFivomFranMan, a tenured wireless professional takes students through the C9800 in a fun and relaxed environment. The content is professionally created, easily digestible so students gain skills and complete the course.

  • Overview of the Cisco 9800's
  • Configuring
    • WLANs
    • Policies
    • Tags
    • Profiles
  • Learn Code Compatibility
  • NEW - AP Device Pack Features
    • Software Upgrades
    • High Availability / SSO
    • AAA for WLANs and Logins

    * This course is included in our new All Access Pass

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    Active Expert / WiFi Training is a global provider of IT Training, Development, and consulting services. We provide Instructor-Led, Authorized Training from companies like Cisco Systems, CWNP, EC-Council, and offer original content as well. Micro courses are part of our on-demand digital learning product line and available at https://store.wifitraining.com

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