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WiFi Training

Fast Roaming Lessons

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Ready to provide a better user experience to your users? Thinking about deploying 802.11r / FT on your Enterprise WLANs? Already deployed Fast Roaming and just want to understand the intricate details of Fast Roaming & the various implementations of it? This course dives deep into how a client makes a roaming decision and the recent protocols used to enhance the client's knowledge including 802.11k, and 802.11v and also discusses what's new with WPA3. Studying to become a CWSP, CWNE, or CCIE or simply be a straight-up Wireless Rockstar? Fast Roaming Lessons is designed to provide professional/expert-level knowledge to Wireless LAN Professionals.

Welcome to Fast Roaming Lessons, the latest advanced video course designed for Wireless Professionals and Experts.

Instructor/Author: Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew

STATUS: Available NOW

FORMAT: Digital Course

Course Level: Professional

Module 1 (Understand Client Roaming)
1.1 Roaming Triggers
1.2 Roaming Frame Capture
1.3 Client Roam in RSN
1.4 Roaming with PSK
1.5 Roaming with 802.1X
1.6 Key Caching (SKC & OKC)

Module 2 (Fast Transition-802.11r)
2.1 FT Key Hierarchy
2.2 FT Information Elements
2.3 FT Initial Association
2.4 FT over-the-Air
2.5 FT over-the-DS

Module 3 (Deployment Consideration)
3.1 General Challenges
3.2 802.11k
3.3 802.11v
3.4 FT Compatibility
3.5 AdaptiveR
3.6 WiFi Agile Multiband

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