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Pentesting 101: External Recon and Initial Access

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Learning Pentesting all start's here with a brand new course from hackn.com. In this course, you will learn how to perform penetration tests against
enterprise-scale organizations from an external perspective. We will begin with a conceptual overview that covers modern pentesting objectives, strategies, and methodologies. We will then dive into practical exercises in passive recon, OSINT, and active vulnerability analysis. Finally, we will take a hands-on approach to demonstrate how to gain an initial foothold on the target network by exploiting vulnerable networks and web services.

Author: Gabriel Ryan @s0lst1c3

Release Date: Availible NOW!

Prerequisites: Fundamental understanding of computers & networks. 

High-Level Design

  • Introduction
  • Pentesting Basics
  • Passive Recon
  • Active Recon
  • Exploitation

Each module has a solid introduction into theory, and straight into the labs where you will follow the instructor as he performs the various recon and attacks. 

This course is 70/30 labs to lecture. We focus on the skills that will get you there. We do NOT mention Windows XP in this course! 

This course is included in our ALL Access passes!