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WiFi Training

Rockstar Multicast for WLAN Professionals

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Make your companies network (Wireless & Wired) sing by proper use of multicast on the network! When deployed and configured properly multicast provides a much more efficient means of dealing with large volumes of group traffic than unicast or broadcast. It's also required for a large variety of streaming features and services and protocol efficiency. Even if you're not doing heavy voice and video over WiFi at your organization, multicast can still reduce traffic in a LARGE number of ways between controllers, AP's, and of course to end-devices. 

Now that this course is live, we can safely say it's the most WLAN Multicast course available anywhere we have seen! 


  • Create amazing end-user experiences with critical applications
  • Optimize AP / Controller Traffic and reduce overhead
  • Optimize Real-Time & Streaming Applications
  • Ensure certain multicast-only applications work as designed
  • Developed by World-Renowned; Expert Instructor Rasika Nayanajith aka @mrncciew
  • Over 8hrs of HD Video

Course Level: Advanced

Course Status: Available NOW! 

High-Level Design

Module 1 - Introduction to Multicast
  •   L0.0-Course-Intro
  •   L0.1-Student Materials
  •   L1.0-Multicast-Intro
  •   L1.1-Demo-Unicast
Module 2 - IGMP
  •   L2.1-IGMPv1
  •   L2.2-IGMPv2
  •   L2.3-IGMPv3
  •   L2.4-IGMP-Snooping
Module 3 - Multicast Routing
  •   L3.1-Mutlicast-Routing-Intro
  •   L3.1-PIM-DM Overview
  •   L3.2-PIM-SM Overview
  •   L3.4-PIM-SSM Overview
  •   L3.5-PIM-SSM Config
  •   L3.6-PIM-SSM Demo
Module 4 - Multicast With AireOS WLC
  •   L4.1-Wireless-Multicast-Intro
  •   L4.2-AireOS-Local-Mode-Multicast
  •   L4.3-AireOS-Local-Multicast-Demo
  •   L4.4-VideoStream
  •   L4.5-AireOS-VideoStream-Demo
  •   L4.6-FlexConnect Multicast
  •   L4.7-FlexConnect Multicast Demo
  •   L4.8-FlexConnect SSM
Module 5 - Multicast With IOS-XE WLC
  •   L5.1-9800 Config Model
  •   L5.2-9800 Multicast (Local Mode)
  •   L5.3-9800 Multicast Config Demo
  •   L5.4-9800 Multicast Direct
  •   L5.5-9800 MediaStream-Demo
  •   L5.6-9800 FlexConnect Multicast
  •   L5.7-9800 FlexConnect Multicast Demo
Module 6 - Deployment Considerations
  •   L6.1-Wireless Multicast Deployments

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