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WiFi Training

Rockstar Wireless Analysis

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Rockstar WLAN Analysis

One of the highest requested courses from our student surveys is here with Rockstar WLAN Analysis, led by Expert Instructor / Author Rasika Nayanajith. 

This course deep dives into Wi-Fi Frame Exchanges and explores packet capture process using a variety of tools technique's, and of course method's to help you reach the data that "never lies".  In this course Rasika explores the most popular tools for packet capture including Open Source and Pro-Tools such as Ekahau Sidekick, Savvius OmniPeek, AirCheck G2, MetGeek Eye P.A., and even capturing WiFi6. 

Course Status: Pre-Order Est 11-15-21

Author: Rasika Nayananjith aka @mrncciew

High-Level Outline

Module 1 - WiFi Frame Exchanges
Module 2 - Packet Capture Overview
Module 3 - Explore Capturing Tools
L3.1 - WiFi Explorer (Mac)
L3.2 - WinFi (Windows)
L3.3 - WiFi (Linux)
L3.4 - Sniffer mode AP
L3.5 - Ekahau SideKick
L3.6 - Savvius Omnipeek
L3.7 - NetAlly AirCheckG2
L3.8 - Metageek Eye P.A.
Module 4 - Capturing WiFi6

This course is included in the All Access Pass!