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WiFi Training

Antenna Basics for Wi-Fi Professionals

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Antennas are a curious topic. Most Wi-Fi professionals don’t give antennas a second thought; that is left for others to figure out. Learning the basics of how antennas function, and why they function the way they do, allows Wi-Fi Professionals to not only better understand how antennas function as part of a Wi-Fi network, but also when and how they can break the rules to deliver high-performing Wi-Fi networks. Join self-proclaimed antenna fanatic, and wireless expert Jim Palmer as he delves all the way back to 1836 to lay the groundwork for the antennas that we use today in this exclusive course from WiFi Training.

Course Format: Video (Learn on Demand)

Course Status: Pre-Order Est May 2023

Author: Jim Palmer @WirelessJimP

High-Level Outline

  1. Antenna Introduction
    1. Course intro
    2. Instructor intro
    3. Course outline
  2. The Physics of RF
    1. Terminology
    2. VSWR
    3. Hertz
    4. Calculating Lambda
    5. Wavelengths
  3. Antenna System Components
    1. Transceivers
    2. Connectors
    3. Cables
    4. Filters
    5. Arrestors
    6. Antennas
    7. Grounding
  4. Spectrum Review
    1. LMR
    2. Wi-Fi
  5. Antenna Construction Types
    1. Printed Circuit Board
    2. Metal Element
  6. Antenna Construction
    1. Omni
    2. Omni Array
    3. Patch Array
    4. Yagi-Uda
    5. Parabolic Dish
    6. Sector Array
  7. Radomes
    1. Naked
    2. UV Stabilized ABS / ASA
    3. UVC Stabilized PVC
    4. Fiberglass
  8. Reading Antenna Charts
    1. Chart layout
    2. Horizontal / Vertical patterns
    3. Defining the beamwidths
    4. Antenna “roll-off”
    5. Omni pattern
    6. Semi-hemispherical pattern
    7. Directional / Patch pattern
    8. Highly Directional / Yagi pattern
  9. EIRP
    1. Definition
    2. Calculating EIRP
  10. Cables
    1. Overview
    2. Cable Loss
    3. Loss Calculator
  11. Practical Examples

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