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WiFi Training

Introduction to Modern Wireless Pentesting: Part 2

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The second release in the series continues the journey into Modern Wireless Pentesting with expert instructor/author/hacker @s0lst1ce Gabe Ryan.

This course focuses on Enterprise Attacks involving enterprise AAA, EAP, WPA2/WPA3, and various captive portal attacks. 

  • Attacks against WPA/2-EAP
  • Wireless Marksmanship (Directed MANA / Karma attacks)
  • Using rouge AP Attacks for credential theft and Payload delivery
  • Advanced Tradecraft Considerations

Course Author: Gabriel Ryan @s0lst1c3 

Course Status: Pre-Order - Available Sept 15th, 2023.

Students must successfully complete Introductory to Modern Wireless Pentesting: Part 1 before beginning this course, as this builds off skills learned in Part 1 and continues the journey. 

 The following are the course details from Part 1 of this series. 

Most publicly available wireless training is stale, focusing on low-impact techniques mitigated by technologies that became widespread almost a decade ago. This course will do away with all that, trimming outdated or low-impact techniques in favor of technical deep dives into high-yield wireless tradecraft. The goal is to enable students to develop the skills that are the bread and butter of modern wireless pen tester, and to lay the conceptual landscape necessary to defend networks against wireless threats at
both a tactical and strategic level.

In this course, we will cover nearly every method through which 802.11 can be abused in realistic scenarios to manipulate data, steal credentials, and even serve as a vector for payload delivery. We will also discuss why these techniques were developed, tracing the long-standing cat-and-mouse game between offensive and defensive practitioners from the early 2000s to the present day. Finally, we'll provide operational and tactical guidance for executing wireless attacks against modern network environments.

This two-part series will give ethical hackers, security consultants, red teams, blue teams, and engineers a strategic advantage when pen-testing modern Enterprise Wireless Networks. Gabe is a fantastic instructor and author of several go-to hacker tools and frameworks used in Wireless pen testing. There's simply no other course like this on the market.


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